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Sponsor our Projects
Junglescapes welcomes corporates and individuals to sponsor our community managed conservation projects. Our sponsoring options are ideal avenues to do a “green activity” on a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. In addition to sponsoring, you are most welcome to participate in the activity that you have sponsored.
Sponsorship options
Sponsor a sapling planting (active reforestation) activity
Contributions will be used for reforestation of degraded buffer forest lands carried out in co-ordination with the local community and the forest department. The moneys will be used to meet cost of planting of saplings and post-planting care. All activities are done through the community so that they gain economically in the process.
Corporates may sponsor the reforestation in multiples of 10 acres @ Rs 8000 per acre. Individuals can sponsor Rs 4000 for 100 saplings or multiples thereof.
Sponsor a natural juvenile support (passive reforestation) activity
This is a low-cost and passive technique pioneered by Junglescapes that involves making of water trenches for natural plants that have come up in the wild, so that these can grow faster and create a canopy. As these natural plants are genetically strong the success rates are high. All revenues from the activity go the community members.
Corporates or individuals may sponsor support of 2000 juvenile plants for Rs 10000 (or in multiples thereof).
Sponsor a lantana removal and restoration activity
This activity involves systematic removal of Lantana camara, an exotic and invasive weed that has invaded many wildlife sanctuaries. These areas are restored to bio-diverse and healthy wildlife habitats by propagating native vegetation species after removal of Lantana in a scientific manner.
Sponsors may support this Lantana removal-cum- restoration activity @ Rs 20000 per acre or in multiples thereof.
Sponsor water holes and trenches (passive reforestation)
Water holes and rain water harvesting trenches improve the water table and help rapid reforestation. Water holes are also an invaluable source of water for wild animals during dry seasons. Village water bodies can also be desilted and deepened providing water to both people and wild animals.
Sponsor making/repairing a water hole (Rs 20000) and digging of rain water harvesting trenches (Rs 5000 for 1000 trenches).
Sponsor an eco- chulha
An eco-chulha helps reduce lantana, prevents use of other wood species as fuel and eliminates carbon (smoke) emissions. Health benefits to the cooking women are significant.
Sponsor a chulha for a forest dwelling household for Rs 1300.
Sponsor a bee keeping training activity
A bee keeping training for a group of 6 tribals may be the best way of celebrating your special day. At the end of the activity, each tribal will be given a bee box out of your contribution. Each bee box can generate an income of up to Rs 5000 for the tribal family, and bee keeping is well suited for women.
Sponsor a bee keeping training activity for 6 tribals for Rs 15000.
Sponsor a children's safari to a National Park
Even though they live close to national parks, most rural kids have never been inside one. Taking them to the national parks helps build empathy for the animals and an appreciation of the ecological wealth that lies near them.
Sponsor a trip to a national park for 20 kids for Rs 5000 on your birthday or any special occasion.
Sponsor a social forestry drive
Help a forest dwelling tribal plant 50 saplings of species like neem, tamarind, gooseberry, etc. on her own land and use the produce for nutrition and cattle fodder. Your sponsorship includes an incentive of Rs 5 per quarter to the villager for each surviving sapling for the first 4 quarters. This is to encourage good care of the sapling till they reach reasonable height.
Sponsor 50 saplings + the survival incentive for Rs 2000.
    Other Sponsorship options
    We have other sponsoring options from time to time based on ongoing projects. Please ask us for details.
    We could also customize a sponsoring opportunity based on your interest, if we have a project idea to match.
    Contributions may be sent to our address given in the Contact Us page with details of the activity that you wish to sponsor.
    Section 80G exemption:
    All contributions to Junglescapes Charitable Trust are eligible for exemption under sec 80G of the Income Tax Act.
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