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Environmental Education
Historically forest dwelling people have had good native knowledge of ecology and responsible behavior towards their environments. However, modernization and exposure to urban influences have diminished this knowledge, especially among the younger generation. We hope to revive this knowledge and the connection with their environment through appropriate “awareness” and “education” programs.
Wildlife Vocational Skills workshops
This project aims at training local youngsters in wildlife vocational skills that will enable them to work with wildlife research NGOs, the forest department and wildlife resorts. The vocational skills include wildlife observation, conducting nature trails, conservation techniques and hospitality skills.
Community “Eco-champions”
This project aims at selecting a few youngsters with good aptitude in each village and training them on basic aspects of ecology and wildlife. The aim is to make these youth the “eco-champions” within their communities, so that they can positively influence the behaviour of the community as a whole towards the environment. We expect these eco-champions to become “local conservationists” and lead the way for shifting the ownership for conservation from urban conservationists to local ones.
Film shows and safaris
Films are an ideal medium of creating awareness among the forest dwellers since most of them are not literate. Our field station shows films on wildlife and ecology regularly to the villagers to improve their understanding of the role of the forests in conservation. We also take village children on safaris inside the national park to give them an opportunity to observe and learn from nature.
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