Our Vision

Loss of forest cover due to deforestation, degradation and fragmentation is emerging as the single major factor threatening our wildlife. Many unique species of flora and fauna are closer to extinction now than ever before. Habitat preservation and restoration are urgent needs if our bio-diversity is to be conserved.

Junglescapes is a grassroots non-profit working on initiatives for ecological restoration of degraded forest eco-systems. We adopt an ‘inclusive’ model where local communities living in and around forest areas are actively involved in these initiatives, providing them valuable alternate livelihoods. This in turn fosters a sustainable conservation model where there is healthy inter-dependence between people and ecology. Furthermore, this helps preserve the rich ecological knowledge of these communities.

Our vision is to develop expertise in the practice of ecological restoration and community-participative conservation. Towards this goal, we strive to develop effective and scientifically sound methodologies for restoration of degraded forest eco-systems. We also focus on building capabilities within forest dwelling communities to demonstrate stewardship of their ecological heritage.

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